The 1ON1 Piano Mission

Our dream is to see every person who loves music connected with teachers who can help them succeed at playing the piano, no matter where they live. 1ON1 Piano overcomes the barriers to teaching piano online with low latency piano-to-piano technology and plenty of camera views to demonstrate technique. 1ON1 Piano was engineered from the beginning as an app for teaching piano by piano teachers so that people around the world can experience high quality piano teaching!

The Story Behind 1ON1 Piano

As both a piano student in college, and a teacher, I often found myself wishing for a better way to study with teachers that could offer me the specialized help I needed. That need went back even to my time as a child growing up in a small town. Fortunately for me, there was a university nearby and my parents were able to find a teacher who gave me a solid foundation. However, for many that is not the case, and as I grew as a pianist, the nearest teachers who could advance me lived 6 hours away. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that it was possible to connect pianos online in real time so that the sound came from the instrument, and not from the small speakers on our laptops, tablets and phones. I had the opportunity to use a basic version of this technology and manage the technical aspects of it when I was a graduate student in piano at University of Kansas. We used piano-to-piano technology to teach beginning piano to students in Kansas City who did not have access to piano teacher. The results were astounding. Because of the quality of sound, they were able to go from not being able to play at all to playing in a recital in only one semester. When I played, their keys went down, and they were able to not only see the keys, but also hear nuances of teaching so that I and the other teachers were able to establish a good technique. I was inspired. I had to make the technology available on the major platforms so that the millions of people young and old around the world who want to learn piano could take advantage of this incredible technology. I spent the next 5 years testing prototypes with my friend at night, and we are proud to announce that we will be releasing 1ON1 Piano on not one, but 3 major platforms in 2022. 1ON1 Piano is a dedicated app, not browser interface, and it is made to be accessible. We guide students and teachers through every step of using the technology and are constantly enhancing resources available to our users so that people can experience piano the way it’s meant to be online. We want to enable a generation of music lovers who really love the way they play, and 1ON1 Piano is the platform that can make that happen!

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